“Cadi & the Cursed Oak”

By Kara Gebhart Uhl, illustrations by Elin Manon

“Cadi brought the cup’s silver rim to her lips. What she didn’t know was that buried deep in the cup’s oak sleeve were spirits’ stories, long forgotten tales of hobgoblins and demons and death and sorrow, of things passed down and whispered in the dark, to scare and to warn. The bee’s-breath crack had awakened them, and with one small sip of water, Cadi drank them all in.”

The Nannau oak, a real tree that once grew in Wales, was long considered cursed. Once it fell, quite a few things were made from it, including acorn-shaped cups that, according to legend, haunt those who drink from them. After much research, I took all the oak’s stories and wrote a new tale, one where Cadi discovers the history of the oak and navigates frightening dreams, all while wondering, How do you stop stories that are too scary, sad or difficult to bear?

“Cadi & the Cursed Oak” is gorgeously illustrated by Elin Manon, who grew up in Cardiff, Wales. The book includes a glossary and simple pronunciation guide of Welsh words scattered throughout the text, written by Dr Iwan Wyn Rees. You can listen to his audio recordings of the Welsh words here.

The 8-1/2” x 11” book is 48 pages and wrapped in a cotton-linen blend cloth cover with a foil stamp, hand-lettered by Nicholas Moegly. It is published by Lost Art Press and printed in the United States. Ages 8+

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