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WVXU's This I Believe

Published: November 2006
This I Believe is a national media project based on Edward R. Murrow's 1950s radio program of the same name. NPR has been airing new This I Believe essays for more than a year. 91.7 WVXU recently launched a Cincinnati version of the project. My essay aired November 11. If you missed it, you can listen to it here (mp3).

Cincinnati Gentlemen

The Business of Having Fun

Published: June 2006
Theme-park guru Dennis L. Speigel makes it possible for you to climb the Purple People Bridge this spring.


With the Touch of a Button

Published: September 2008
Automation is a Hot Home Entertainment Option

Blooming a Business

Published: October 2007
CVG Employee Propagates Tropical Plants for Himself and Others

Carving a Balance

Published: August 2007
P&G Design manager's woodwork becomes his creative outlet


A House, Saved

Published: May 2006
Couple turns Clifton bungalow into an Arts & Crafts masterpiece

Popular Woodworking

Dovetails, the Pope's Coffin and the Unidentified Craftsman

Published: October 2005
A quest to find the builder of this famous project.

Yankee's Shop True to Name

Published: August 2005
Two days on the set of 'The New Yankee Workshop' reveal surprising truths about the way Norm Abram works.

A Chairmaker's Laboratory

Published: February 2005
With each new invention, Brian Boggs seeks to build a better chair.

American Elm: Back from the Dead

Published: August 2004
Once loved by urbanites for its shade and woodworkers for strength, elm is preparing for a major comeback.

Forbidden Forests

Published: December 2003
Many old-growth trees are on protected land that will never be forested. But some ancient wood makes it to the market. Is it worth working with? We find out.

Arts & Crafts Bookcase

Published: August 2003
A simple, knockdown, turn-of-the-century classic provides lots of storage for your favorite books.

Shop Aprons

Published: June 2003
We tested 7 popular designs that cost less than $50 in search of the best. Unfortunately, we're still searching.

Print Solutions Magazine

Promoting a Winning Campaign

Published: July 2005
U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind, quickly became a household name thanks to promotional products such as yard and rally signs, bumper stickers and pins.

Complete Customization: It's in the Cards

Published: March 2004
Hot Technology: Digital Printing
Cool Solution: Jerome Group's DigeCards give Starwood Hotels and Resorts a faster, targeted solution for member cards.

Writer's Digest

On the Edge: Religious Wars

Published: April 2008
A battle of faith is being fought on bookshelves and bestseller lists. Here, some of the key players chime in on the eternal debate.

On the Edge: Poetry for the Younger Set

Published: October 2007
Will the creation of a Children's Poet Laureate and the staying power of novels-in-verse allow room for new writers in this burgeoning market?

The WD Interview: Ann Brashares: One Leg at a Time

Published: August 2007
Ann Brashares zipped up her mega-selling the sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series this year and released her first adult novel. But, as she reveals in this interview, finding a new path isn't easy.

On the Edge: So Long, Superman

Published: December 2006
Graphic novels are sparking a renewed interest in the age-old art of blending images with words to create a story.

On the Edge: Hip-Hop Lit Is Hot

Published: October 2006
Once limited to street-corner sales, hip-hop lit now can be found in major bookstores - and mainstream publishers are taking note.

Books to Boost

Published: June 2006
When the words just won't come, these three books will inspire you, promote creativity and encourage you to try again.

The Post

Beautiful, Isn't It?

Published: January 2000 — April 2000 and March 2001 — June 2001